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We are expanding our product line to provide a larger selection of ICD's for our customers. Call or email us today for a quote.

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Inlet Control Devices (Plug Style)  
The "Pedro" ICD is a plug style inlet control device that fit's into the spigot end of a pipe and is held in place by friction and hydrolastic pressure. These ICD's can be made to fit into any material, like PVC, concrete, clay etc. The orifice plate will sit flush inside the catchbasin.
The orifice opening can be manufactured to your required flow rates or it can be a standard ICD.

Square, Diamond Shape, Round.


  • Type A - 20.0 L/S at a 1.22m head
  • Type B - 28.4 L/S at a 1.22m head
  • Type C - 37.0 L/S at a 1.22m head

  • Type D - 84.9 L/S at a 3.05m head
  • Type F - 113.2 L/S at a 3.05m head

  • Type X - 13.4 L/S at a 1.22m head
    (70mmx70mm Square)

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Framed inlet control device

8 inch ICD type A

ICD with Trash Basket

Odour Control Box

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